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Welcome to the Memorial Park Spartans!

We are a youth football and cheerleading program who participates in the Chicagoland Pop Warner League.

We accept children from 5 years old up to 14.  We have a weighted matrix for our teams that ensures like-size children are playing together and we also, have unlimited football teams with no weight matrix or max.  

We typically begin practice August 1 and have 3 full weeks prior to school starting.  We currently practice at the Eisenhower Center practice field, and any (rare) conflict days we practiced at our game field Stevenson Park.  The exceptions will be sent out during the season.

Football will practice every week day (M-F) for 3 weeks from 6:00pm-8:00pm (depending on the High School schedule).  The first week of practice is an important week, as football players must have 10 hours of conditioning and fundamentals practice before then can practice full contact.

Cheer will also begin practice on August 1, but they will practice 3 times per week same time and place as football

Once school starts, our practices drop to 3 times per week.  Our schedule has typically been Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6pm-8pm.  Again – dependent on High School.

Our game schedule is typically 8 games, one each weekend beginning the last weekend of August .  We will typically have 4 home games and 4 away games.  The away games can be anywhere in our Chicagoland Pop Warner conference and we won’t know that schedule until just before games begin (this is due to teams finalizing after our certification day).  Our home games have been played at the Lockport High School on their awesome Turf field.

Games can be scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays but are more often on Sundays.

Depending on registrations, we will have 5 football teams – Tiny Mites, Mitey Mites, 9U,11U, and 13U. Some levels may have more than one team depending on registration number.  Cheer will also have these teams depending on registrations.

On game day, usually the youngest team plays first, and oldest last with some exceptions with scheduling.  Away weekends, our teams may go in different directions, but we strive for our teams to travel together, we are at the mercy of pop warner and other teams on away games.

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